Newly formed DMi Games

Video game powerhouse NASCAR has once again flexed its muscle with the new edition of DMI games. This is after Eutechnyx transferred its video games licensing rights to DMI games. This comes as good news for video games enthusiasts as they expect to indulge in newer versions of the existed games and, who knows, DMI may even offer new games all together. All this success can be attributed to President of the company Ed Martin and Tom Dusenberry, who is the companies CEO. The license is not only expected to last this season only but future expectations are on the high.

Dusenberry-Martin Interactive (DMi) is a relatively new company that was formed by Ed Martin and Tom Dusenberry who are video games veterans. They took over from Eutechnyx which had been making NASCAR video games for PC and console since 2011. The two video game gurus have a long history in video games; Martin has worked with Papyrus, EA Sports, and Hasboro while Tom worked with Eutechnyx before DMi. The latter has stated in its website that they will develop NASCAR games under NASCAR Interactive entertainment. Moreover, they will develop games for mobile phones in addition to PC and console. DMi’s idea is to create a game that caters to the needs of all players. Martin also says that he hopes to capture a large audience by having better sim-based titles and games that are more mobile friendly.

What makes the partnership between DMi and NASCAR exciting is the fact that the developers have actively worked in the gaming industry since the 1990s. This serves as a guarantee that the future games are going to be way more developed than all other NASCAR sequels. Further, there are over 1,000 properties and brands behind the new deal, and they will serve to ensure the quality of the games is top notch. The first title under DMi, which is a NASCAR simulation will release on PS4, Xbox, and PC. Martin has had a successful career in simulation, and this keeps gamers full of expectations for the new release. Judging on the reputation of Martin and Tom, the new NASCAR release will have a bigger impact on the gaming industry or even more; it will compete against other popular games, such as Forza 6.

DMi license runs until 2020, and this gives them enough time to develop games across various platforms, including PCs, mobile, and console. Additionally, the team has embarked on developing new games including NASCAR racing sim created for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, as mentioned. The president of DMi says that the new game will be a whole experience for NASCAR gamers as it’s a significant improvement of the preceding series. DMi went further to state that Eutechnyx will release NASCAR 15 for PS3, Xbox, and PC. However, it will not be a new game altogether but an update of the previous NASCAR 14. DMi also acquired most of the former’s assets, a move that will see them speed up the development of their upcoming games.

DMi intends to do most of the work internally, although it acknowledges that at some point it might have to outsource. However, the president mentions that the company will team up with Monster Games, who were involved in NASCAR Heat, for their future projects. It will also continue to work hand-in-hand with Eutechnyx in some projects although DMi will have the exclusive rights of the projects. Eutechnyx will provide some assets, such as cars and tracks which the current company will use in consequent NASCAR games. Besides the assets mentioned above, DMi has acquired some existing NASCAR games, including NASCAR Manager which will be released under the former company. It is therefore apparent that the two companies have some joint projects that they will have to finish up on before DMi takes over entirely.

No doubt, racing fanatics will have a whole lot of experience thanks to DMi. The change of guard is what NASCAR needs to realize new heights as it tries to be competitive. Although fans have raised their concerns after DMi announced it is acquiring some assets from the former developer, pessimists believe that this will likely have no adverse effects on future projects considering that the management is new and has a lot of time to work on developing the previous assets.