NASCAR video games

NASCAR is no doubt the most popular motorsport in America which is famous for stock-car racing. It has worked with several video game developers to design video games, such as EA Sports and It is also part of the Gran Turismo series as of 2009, appearing in Gran Turismo 5. Papyrus Design Group was among the first developers to work with NASCAR; in 1994, they released the first NASCAR racing series which achieved significant success due to its outstanding and dynamic car physics. Papyrus later teamed with another developer known as Sierra Entertainment to design a revolutionary NASCAR video game that even drivers, including Denny Hamlin, used to practice for upcoming events.

Electronic Art was given the contract to design NASCAR games after Papyrus Entertainment. A significant achievement for Electronic Art was their ability to design various games, including NASCAR Rumble, NASCAR 98, NASCAR 99, and NASCAR 2000. They also developed games for Play Station as well as PC, with a distinction in their gameplay and technical accuracy. NASCAR Rumble was renamed NASCAR thunder in 2003 and simultaneously released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. EA Sports developed NASCAR 7 as the tenth game, and NASCAR 9 became the last game in the NASCAR series.

NASCAR went ahead to work with from 2010, and together they started an online racing series and later the NASCAR Antifreeze Series. The company also made simulations of all cars that had participated in Sprint Cup in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Besides the aforementioned, developed an equally favorite game called Days of Thunder. From 2011, Eutechnyx was contracted to create NASCAR games, with the most popular being Inside Lane which was released in 2012. It went ahead to release two more games before it was replaced by Dusenberry Martin Racing (DMR) in 2015. NASCAR was included as one of the few games for PS 3 Gran Turismo as was shown in one of the conferences held by Sony.