Hello again NASCAR fans! It’s Ed Martin, President of Dusenberry Martin Racing. I wanted to take the opportunity to answer a lot of the questions that we have been receiving online since we announced NASCAR ‘15…

“DMi” and “Dusenberry Martin Racing”

DMi, Inc. is our legal company name. When the deals with Eutechnyx & NASCAR were official on January 1, we started using “DMi Games” as a name… without much strategy (or time to think about it) behind it. Since then, we have put a lot of thought into it…

If you use a brand that has the word “games” in it… and you put that on a game… it’s kind of redundant, right? We are all about NASCAR. We are all about racing. So, our official brand name is Dusenberry Martin Racing. We are the world’s first digital race team. We just happen to create and compete in the digital world.


Who developed it?

Eutechnyx is the developer of NASCAR ’15. It was a game already under development when we acquired the NASCAR licensing rights.

Does that mean that Eutechnyx is doing all of the Dusenberry Martin Racing games?

No. Like I said above, NASCAR ’15 was already under development at Eutechnyx when we acquired the rights. It is going to take a while for us to get our new simulation game products created, so it made sense to go forward and release NASCAR ’15.

Dusenberry Martin Racing is a whole new company. I am the only person here who worked at Eutechnyx, and of course, I also worked at Papyrus, Hasbro Interactive and EA Sports. We are building an all-star team here in Charlotte, NC.


Our original thought for NASCAR ’15 was to just release it digitally/online. But while online distribution is good, it’s not universal; not everyone can or wants to buy games online. So, we went looking for the best retail partner.

GameStop has a long, successful history in NASCAR through Joe Gibbs Racing. And we’re thrilled to be partners with them as the exclusive retailer for NASCAR ’15.


Yes. $19.99! Great low price, huh?

NASCAR ’15 is a season update to previous NASCAR products. Along with it comes a lot of polish and fixes. But it’s not an all-new simulation game… it’s a polished season update.

So we made the decision to price it at half (or less) than prior NASCAR games. At a $19.99 launch price, we think a lot more NASCAR fans can jump in and play!

Who is the publisher?

Dusenberry Martin Racing is the publisher.

Can I update my previous NASCAR game to NASCAR ’15?

No. Dusenberry Martin Racing was not the publisher of any of the previous NASCAR games. So it’s not possible for us to do an update. Think about it… can anyone other than Activision update Call of Duty? It doesn’t work that way (for obvious reasons).

So, NASCAR ’15 is a new, stand-alone game. You can buy it on disc at GameStop or online on the Sony (PS3), Microsoft (Xbox 360) or Steam (PC) stores. But, as above, we have priced it like an update.

When will it be out?

The expected release date is Friday, May 22… which happens to be the weekend of the Coca-Cola 600 here in Charlotte. Tuesdays tend to be video game release days. But weekends are for racing!

Future Products

We’re not ready to give out a lot of information on our future products. But I can tell you a few things…

We are hard at work on an all new simulation game platform. Our first game based on that technology will be out in late 2016. It is not based on the previous games or technology; it’s all new. It will be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more info later (but enjoy NASCAR ’15 at $19.99 in the mean time!).

We are working on several smartphone and tablet games. One of them is a 2015 sequel to NASCAR Manager – cleverly named “NASCAR Manager ’15”. It will be out soon. And it’s free! But we also have other mobile games in development that I can’t talk about just yet. I can say this, though… we do realize that the “R” in NASCAR stands for RACING!

And we have a lot of surprises that we are working on. Our goal is to produce the best line of NASCAR racing games ever on console and PC. But also to bring NASCAR interactive entertainment is all new directions – platforms as well as types of games. NASCAR fans are everywhere and have a lot of different interests. We want to entertain them all!

Website / Online

NASCAR15.us is the site dedicated to NASCAR ’15. Check it out!

The site you are on now will be undergoing a massive transformation in the next few weeks to go along with the Dusenberry Martin Racing name. So keep checking back!

If you aren’t already, follow us on Twitter: @DMRacingGames. And stay tuned for announcements about our other social media channels.