Hands-on Impressions of NASCAR Heat 3

NASCAR Heat 3 is a video game that was developed by Monster Games and which simulates the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series. It was first released in North America and Europe in 2018 for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Additionally, it is an improvement of its previous sequel NASCAR Heat 2, with notable changes in the Xtreme Dirt Series in career mode. One notable thing about NASCAR Heat 3 is that no matter the experience you are looking for, you are sure to find something that suits your interests. The subtle changes in the racing tracks and additional tracks make NASCAR Heat 3 all more exciting.

The career mode is one of the areas which has been bolstered in some way especially due to the return of the NASCAR Infinity, Camping World Truck, and Monster Energy series. Moreover, you can start a team instead of being just a driver and compete in all the four series either as a driver or an owner. You are also able to earn money from your own performances as well as those of your drivers. With the money, you can hire new personnel and build a better and more competitive team.

Another fascinating aspect of NASCAR Heat 3 is its comprehensive multiplayer which allows a player to engage other players in a competition. Although the game is barely four months old, there is already a community of players who are willing to battle for the ultimate title. The fun in this you can race against up to 36 players for different awards and titles and hopefully cement your legacy in the world of gaming.

NASCAR Heat 3 is not complete without the mention of the Xtreme Dirt Tour which is arguably the best feature of the game. Reason being, it makes handling of vehicles more different from other races. This makes it more engaging, fun, and somewhat chaotic. The addition of seven more dirt tracks (from one to eight) is one of the best improvement of the game. Its incorporation in the career mode is also something worth noting as it adds more experience into the game. At the time of release, there were 36 challenges, and there will be an addition of three more each month to make the game more exciting. The additional challenges will come with new paint schemes. These are some of the features that make NASCAR Heat 3 one of the best things in the market for gamers.